Once you’re lucky, twice you are good
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Tomorrow I am leaving for San Francisco. It is my first visit to the Mecca of web entrepreneurs: Silicon Valley. I am going of course to pitch to investors, to establish distribution deals etc. But I am also going to meet some of the biggest names in the industry.

And to prepare myself, to get into the right atmosphere I decided to read Sarah Lacy’s “Once you’re lucky, twice you are good”, a very romanced version of the Web 2.0 era. It is like the written version of “The pirates of Silicon Valley” (a movie about the birth of Apple and Microsoft that I really enjoyed). It might seem lame but trust me: for a geek (like me) that’s like reading Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”.

Unlike the books who try to tell the “real” story by portraying the main characters like ruthless mavericks who will do everything to hut the jackpot, this one is very lenient on them. You can tell that Sarah is a big fanboy of the Web scene in San Francisco, that she holds great respect for all the Valley’s entrepreneurs and she probably has a crush for Zuckerberg. She calls him “The phenomenon”. But I kinda expected that after I saw Sarah’s interview of Zuckerberg.

But it is a very entertaining book, especially if you want to understand how all the investors and entrepreneurs relate to each-other, who is behind the superstars like Mark Zuckerberg or Kevin Rose or why 99% of all the Web hits happen in the Valley. I really enjoyed it and I can hardly wait to personally meet some of the protagonists of the book.

PS: We will try to keep like a video journal. If we can make it we will post all the videos on uberVU blog.

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8 Responses to “Once you’re lucky, twice you are good”

  1. Andrei Potorac Says:

    Mult succes! :)

  2. Lee Wilkins Says:

    soak up the experience Vlad!

  3. Sergiu Biris Says:

    Mult succes, Vladimir! Faceti o treaba foarte buna ;)

  4. Lavinius Says:

    Just hit the road man!!

  5. RaduS Says:

    You’re gonna kick ass:)

  6. Mircea Says:

    We are not meeting anymore :)?

  7. Darius Says:

    Vorba lu’ unei foste prietene: Once again, always again! :)

  8. Costin Oane Says:

    Poate ne aduci si noua cartile. Acasa in Romania, evident :)
    Bafta multa.

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