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As you probably know we were featured on Techcrunch last week. We visited Michael Arrington’s home and office, demoed our product to Michael and he wrote a very nice review afterwards (except the fact he wrote Backtype, which is another company, instead of uberVU).

But some people were very very pissed off that in that article Michael said that uberVU is a London based company, when the founders and all the employees are in fact Romanians. I can totally understand your frustration but here are the facts:

  1. uberVU is a technically a London based company. We are registered in London, our HQ is in London etc. And this helps a lot from a business perspective. Not a lot of people will invest in a Romanian company. Ask Alexis!
  2. We never bragged or even mentioned London to Michael or any other journalist/investor etc. We always say that we are from Romania. We have nothing to be ashamed! Whoever said that is an idiot! In fact we found that mentioning Romania is one way to grab some attention: “Haaaaaa…. Romania. Cool!” But Michael wrote the article and he probably checked where are we incorporated.

So again: sorry we have disappoint you! But it is not something we did on purpose!

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7 Responses to “The Techcrunch thing”

  1. David Says:

    that’s really understandable, at least it should be for EVERYONE! ;)

  2. Mircea Scarlatescu Says:

    At least from my part, I wasn’t pissed off….I know the legal issues in Romania

    You know Vladimir, you can’t make everyone happy ;)

  3. Liviu Says:

    It’s a bit of a shame the guy didn’t mention it, but from my point of view it doesn’t really matter as long as you are out there and kick ass!

  4. Jan Says:

    Ok, i might have over reacted a bit :), but i still think it’s a good thing to be moderatelly patriotic even in our globalized days. anyways, keep up the good work.

  5. Florin Says:

    ok its understanable, probably noone in silicon valley cares where u are from if u are not from US

    now the question is: how much ? (it is common knowledge that companies pay to be featured on techcrunch)

  6. tavy Says:

    i think you’re making too much noise for this subject

    On www who gives a shit if you’re form New York or from Moscow, Seul, London, Bucharest?

    I think we’re missing the main idea form this story… UBERVU IS ON TECHCRUNCH!!!

    This guys are out there kicking asses and we’re here complaining they didn’t mentioned Romania… give me a brake!

    Nice work guys, i’ll keep following it ;)

  7. zoso Says:

    “uberVU is a technically a London based company”

    is technically :)

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