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A week ago we launched a nice e-toy called WebIQ. It was a tough decision as there were many areas where the product needed improvement. But we decided to launch it anyway, roll out with the punches and improve it as feedback came along. It seems it was a right decision after all. Many of you wrote about it, which is great, although some of you didn’t get it that it isn’t a tool for webmasters but rather a tool for usual business men who only have a vague idea about Internet, websites, seo or other related stuff. Many thanks to all of you who provided some feedback: Mihai Dragan, Mihai Gheza, Novo, Ionut, Seopedia comunity , Filip, Bogdan etc. Your observations and your noticed bugs helped us a lot.

And today we have a new algorithm. Here are the differences:

  • We scaled it down to Romania. In the older version it was almost impossible for a high traffic website from Romania (like www.gsp.ro) to get a big score as long as it was compared with cnn.com. Now GSP gets a perfect score on traffic, search, blogs and other criteria.
  • We increased the importance of traffic and popularity and decreased technical issues like domain age or sitemap presence.
  • New search engine ranking. Now if you are on page 5 but there are 2 million results for your keywords than you get almost half the score. However if you are page 5 out of 10…. we will not be very impressed.
  • We adopted a friendly tone in the conclusions area. Some of the people were offended by the way the conclusions were formulated. Now instead of saying “Your website is not very popular” we say “You may have a look at …”.

That’s it for now. Let me know what you think.

4 Responses to “WebIQ - new algorithm”

  1. Dick Tseeonar Says:

    “Siteul” e un barbarism ingrozitor inventat de tine. Termenul corect este “situl”. In plus limba romana are diacritice. Orice sit fara ele da o impresie de amatorism (asta include si blogul asta unde nu se poate scrie cu diacritice in comentarii). Termenul “rss feed” se traduce prin “flux rss”. “Link” se traduce cu “legatura”. “frame” se traduce cu “cadru”. Nu ma mai obosesc sa vorbesc si de restul de barbarisme. Pune mina pe dictionarul englez-roman, altfel n-ai nici o sansa.

  2. vladimir.oane Says:

    I am digging my grave as we speak…. Must hurry…. No time to type….

  3. Mihai Says:

    We don’t do flames. Don’t be a Dick.

  4. Lesley Says:

    hi nice post, i enjoyed it

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